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A City of Gold and Demons

December 31, 2021

Sin City is ground zero for demons entering Earth’s society. Disease, war, and famine reign supreme. Humans have become the slaves—the lesser beings. Their lives are in squalor, while the creatures of the Underworld live in luxury.

After losing her father to war and her mother to abduction, Helen wants nothing more than to stay alive. It’s the same goal every lowly human has post apocalypse. She stays in the shadows, never making waves.

She does a great job of it, too, that is, until Helen makes a potentially fatal error that draws the attention of her demon boss, and their two worlds collide.

Evander Odin charges to the Earth’s surface with his three brothers when the gates of the Underworld are wrenched open wide. They rule everything below, and now, everything above right along with it. Every inch of him is big, built, and a blonde Viking warrior. Evander gets what Evander wants or blood rains.

Now, one thing is clear, all the trials in Helen’s life that seemed like setbacks may have been setups designed to prepare her. She will need all of her strength and determination to survive what is coming next.

The Heart of Winter: A Prequel Novella

The Seven Brothers Series

January 17, 2023

Winter Glyn wants to leave her past behind and move forward doing the things she loves—designing jewelry and spending time with the adoptive brothers she loves. Her wish is granted when she receives a job at a top jewelry company in Seattle, close to her brothers. When a coworker takes an instant liking to her, life is almost perfect.

Xavier Prince is the new CEO of Royal Designs. Some may think he’s too young to run such an impressive company, but as the fourth generation of the founding family, he’s been training for this gig his whole life. His biggest aspiration is fulfilling the family legacy.

Winter is thrust into the tabloids that endangered her life once before. Xavier is an artist who was burned in the past. Secrets and jealousy threaten the new lives they’ve built.

Can these two find their way to happily ever after?

**The Heart of Winter is the prequel novella to the Seven Brothers Series. Each book can be read as a standalone, but reappearing characters may cause spoilers.**

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