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About Shelly

Shelly Monarch is a science teacher and book addict. 

Her two crazy young kids and two unpredictable old rescue dogs keep her busy most days, but when she can, she loves a good outdoor adventure. Lazy mountain hikes and glorious days at the beach refresh the soul! Shelly devours books like all good little bookworms do, especially those with even a hint of romance.

Shelly’s varied tastes in literature fuel her writing. She loves finding new authors to stalk and stories to enjoy. She has big plans for future novels in different genres such as twisted fairy tales, romantic comedy, paranormal fantasy, and science fiction.

Stay tuned for more cinnamon roll males and the strong females who save them from themselves. Happy reading!

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You can also join her readers group, Monarch's Kaleidoscope, or find her on Amazon, Goodreads, Instagram, and Twitter.

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